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Topic: Growth of Narcissism Fueled by FaceBook

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Alison Charles

Growth of Narcissism Fueled by FaceBook


This article hits the nail on the head.  You are absolutely right...humans are becoming very selfish.  People need to look out for one another...build each other up instead of tearing others down.  I hope this post will open the eyes of others in terms of being decent human beings.



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We've multi-tasked ourselves to the point we're losing our ability to think and make decisions. We live in an age of excess consumption, unmerited expectations, unbridled greed, and an unfounded sense of entitlement.

Today, narcissistic personality disorder is a mental illness characterized by a lack of empathy, a willingness to exploit others, and an inflated sense of self-importance. In popular discourse, "narcissism" is a widely-used term for a range of selfish behaviors.

Avoid Wasting a LOT of Time on FaceBook!
And get out there and start helping others...

Social network overuse 'breeds narcissism'
- Overuse of social networks in teens is linked to narcissistic tendencies according to scientists. Read More >>>

Learn to Think of Others!

People are in distress all over the world for many, many reasons on many different fronts. People are wondering -- how are we going to get by?

Do the search: www.Google.com/search?q=Growth+of+Narcissism+Fueled+by+FaceBook

Finding Creatvie Ways of Working with People that Really What to Help One Another Stay Afloat in Tough Times

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