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Topic: Robert Allen Sigma 3 Survival School Reviews And Testimonials

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Robert From West Virginia

Robert Allen Sigma 3 Survival School Reviews And Testimonials


Hey Everyone,

My name is Robert and I was a instructor student at Sigma 3 Survival School.  I would not recommend this school and here is the story.  First off I am mentally disabled and was encouraged by the school owner to attend after seeking counsel from him on my decision.  I drove 11 hours to the school and spent the night at the main camp.  The first day of class was horrible.  I woke up a little disoriented and grabbed my morning chow and then everyone met around the campfire.   After signing the liability waiver class ensued.  During the first 1 hour of class I stubbed my toe and sprained my ankle while participating.  I did a self assessment and decided I should tell the owner what happened.  He instructed me to see his assistant to receive medical treatment.  I sat down with the employee and he proceeded to clean the wound on my toe with his hunting knife and told me he would check to see if they had any peroxide.  He returned empty handed from the picnic hut and said that he had some mace retardent and that was all he could find and then treated my toe that he had cleaned with his hunting knife with the mace retardent and then instructed me to go have it checked.  Needless to say being disabled I can only afford providers that are covered by my insurance and came back home for treatment.  I contacted the school a few days later to let them know I was alright and they said to keep them posted.  In the meantime a few months later I was in a horrible auto accident and became unable to return to complete the course and am still unable to return to complete the course.  I have reached out to the school owner on several occasions to try and recover some of the money that I used for my tuition and the owner has actually been rather rude stating his policy that he under no circumstances will give a refund.  So please be aware that if you pay Rob Allen money for his instructor course you will not under any circumstances get it back.  I would like to quote Rob ALLEN that I wouldn't be able to squeeze blood out of a turnip to get my money back.  He actually tauntingly said that what was I gonna do drive back and forth to Missouri to sue for my money back.

Sigma 3 Survival School Review -
Rob Allen Sigma 3 Survival School Review

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